reflecting on yourself…end of the quarter meditation

Please take at least 20 minutes to think about your self in this class this quarter.If you did the midterm self-eval, please talk about the challenges, pleasures (if any), and realizations that you made about yourself as a learner in the second part of the quarter. Which modern texts from our class did you hate, love, find weird, helpful, or all of these?

If you did not do the midterm self-evaluation, then you will need to take a bit more time and space: write about your experiences of yourself as a student encountering writers like Kant and Luther, and how the experience changed or did not change, when you got to Brecht, Celan, and Tawada.

Now, think and write honestly about the quality of your work, in your own estimation. What grade do you want to get? What grade do you feel that you deserve? If these are not the same, please talk about why the difference might exist, and speculate on what you might do differently to enjoy/learn from/challenge yourself/take responsibility in/for the next class in a more meaningful fashion.

Were you a community-minded student in this class, or were you concentrating on taking care of #1? Did you provide assistance to a student or a group of students, and do you feel this was an important gesture that you want to name?  Or, did you receive assistance from another student, and would you like to credit or give thanks to that person or persons?

Lastly, what piece of work did you create in this class — if any — that you loved and feel proud of? Why?